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Things I want you to know about me:

Clubs, groups, organizations, ect:

This Is Me

Future Plans:

Age: 17                                         Height: 5ft 0.5in

  • Favorite color: I have more than one favorite color.  My favorite colors include: Blue, Purple, Black, Green, and Grey.      \(///u^)/

  • Favorite food: My favorite food currently is lasagna.                                              \(^u^)/

  • Favorite book: My favorite books are anything make by R.L. Stine, Lowis Lowry, and Margaret Peterson Haddix's Shadow Children series          o(@u@)o

  • Favorite movie: My favorite movie is currently Care Bears                          c(n.n)/

  • Favorite band: My favorite band currently is Imagine Dragons                             (/.\)

  • Favorite drink: My favorite drink is Pepsi J(0x0)J

These are some of my favorite Web sites